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Manoj Atri, REALTOR® with Architectural Background. If you love Real Estate Investing as much as Manoj does, Call / Email him to discuss Strategies regarding: Buying, Selling, Flipping, Rent to Own, Lease Option, Interest Only Mortgages, No Money Down / Cash Back, Money for Renovation, All kinds of Credits, Fixer Upper, Power of Sale, Estate Sale and Much More... Manoj's Contact Info: Sales Representative, Re/Max Hallmark Realty Ltd., Brokerage | 685 Sheppard Ave E., Suite #401 Toronto, ON M2K 1B6 | Office: [416] 494-7653 | Direct: [416] 423-2089 | Cell: [416] 275-2089 | Fax: [416] 981-3158 | Website: SearchRealEstateInToronto.com | Email: [email protected] | Manoj Says, “Real Estate is an investment, let him be your guide.”
Experienced Toronto Real Estate REALTOR® with Architectural Background.

Rent Or Buy

Rent the condo, or buy it? Readers respond. Read More
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Rates Cut

Will Stephen Poloz cut Rates again as R-word is bandied about? Read More
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Landlord evicts Tenants, then pursues them for two months’ Rent for not giving notice: Read More
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Power of Sale could leave you vulnerable: Read More
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Million Dollars Homes

The Real Cost of a $1 Million Home :
Toronto Buyers resort to sub-prime Loans as Prices Soar. Read More
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Canada House Prices

House Prices may stay high in Canada: Here’s why. Read More
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Real Estate Woes

Real Estate woes: The secret lives of House-poor Canadians. Read More
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Interest Rates

Stephen Poloz may have to drop rates to Zero. Read More
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Housing Market

Take that Toronto, Vancouver! Canada’s Housing Market
is now ‘a Tale of 22 Cities’. Read More
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Condo Moderates

Condo sector activity ‘moderates’: report. Read More
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