Luxury Homes

//Luxury Homes

High End Greater Toronto homes sales are surging, Sales are up for properties over $1 Million, Luxury homes market in Canada is the best now in many years.

Canada Housing

Canadian Housing Canada ‘Building 2 Houses For Every New Person’

Canada Housing – Building 2 Houses For Every New Person. Read More

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Home Building In Canada

Record Levels of Home Building in Canada raises New Red Flags: Read More
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Muskoka Bungalow

$2.6 Million for a Bungalow with Boathouse on Lake Muskoka. Read More
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Toronto West End Fixer-Uppers

Crooked Fixer-Uppers Homes For Sale in Toronto’s West End for $688K Each: Read More
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Rosedale Mansion

$3.1 Million for a century-old Mansion in Rosedale Toronto. Read More
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Rent Or Buy

Rent the condo, or buy it? Readers respond. Read More
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Million Dollars Homes

The Real Cost of a $1 Million Home :
Toronto Buyers resort to sub-prime Loans as Prices Soar. Read More
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Canada House Prices

House Prices may stay high in Canada: Here’s why. Read More
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Top Floor – The Hazelton Hotel

$18.9 Million for the entire Top Floor of the Hazelton Hotel. Read More
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Luxury Stores

Why Wealthier Toronto Has Fewer Luxury Stores Than Chicago. Read More
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